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We have the most extensive line of 100% organic embryonic plant extracts in the world; we will have you looking and feeling better, healthier, and younger from the inside out.

As the most effective detoxification and regenerative agents, our extracts are the answer to adult phtyotherapy inconsistencies. Solid scientific studies have repeatedly confirmed that embryonic plant extracts provide more concentrated amounts of phytochemicals and health-changing biological activities than products derived from adult plants. 

These embryonic plants are true Vegetable Embryonic Serums (VESTM) and free of any contaminants. The implications for human wellness and life changing health benefits are unequaled and unsurpassed. How do you elevate your prescription?  Use embryonic phytotherapy!

See our article: Quality is Never in Question with PSC®.

HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS - Restore Homeostasis with Custom-Made Biotherapeutic Programs.

PSC Distribution, is a world premiere distributor of a novel and unique brand of concentrated Embryonic Plant Extracts also containing plant stem cell PSC®

  • Choose from our exclusive selection of 74 single embryonic plant extracts, 31 embryonic plant complexes, and six spagyric extracts, as well as a variety of specialty products.
  • Single embryonic plant extracts are exclusively offered to qualified practitioners – register with us and login to access and purchase our full line of products.
  • We provide training and product information for use of our products, as well as ongoing education based on medicine and embryonic phytochemistry. Extracts are valuable only when our consumers fully understand how to use specific extracts and synergetic extract combinations to support specific body systems, restore homeostasis and health goals.

  • Target health issues, restore homeostasis, and support bodily systems with custom-made biotherapeutic programs.


Phytochemicals may not be essential for nutrition but they are essential to life’s biological activities. Pioneering the field of embryonic phytochemistry, PSC® draws from over 37 years of research on the unique nutritional and pharmacological benefits from embryonic plant extracts.

  • We offer 31 PSC® Complexes, names are indicative of health support, such as Arresto Prevento and Allergy Depurato.
  • We make available five single PSC® extracts for topical use only to the general public: Cedar of Lebanon – Cedrus Libani (young shoots), Juniper – Juniperus Communis (young shoots), Lemon Tree - Citrus Limonum (internal embryonic bark), Rosemary – Rosmarinus Officinalis (young shoots) and Arnica - Arnica Montana (buds of flowers). The topical use extracts are not offered in our public online store, you must call our office to order.
  • The combinatorial power of embryonic plant extracts.
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Where would we be without the plant kingdom? Plants are the most important, least understood, and most taken for granted of all living things. Nature is essential for our survival. "Bio" meaning "life", embryonic phytochemistry is bioessential - essential to life.

Embryonic phytochemistry is nature’s medicine with unsurpassed and unequalled agents capable of detoxifying and rejuvenating humans and animals alike. It harmonizes our physical powers, mental clarity, and vibrational wellbeing, showing us that all the answers to health issues already exist in nature - not necessarily in manmade chemicals. Only when a natural approach is chosen can we feel naturally better!

Often a plant is thought of as a simple culinary herb, yet it has its own story and unique composition of phytochemicals; one plant can defy imagination with over 300 phytochemicals. Each plant is a powerhouse reservoir of unrestrained biological activities waiting to be discovered, the use of which can only be limited by a lack of phytochemistry knowledge. Many synthetic drugs never live up to their claims, whereas embryonic phytochemistry fulfills the claims posed, and much more.

While many scientists and explorers look in remote places of the world when there are many answers for effective nutritional and medicinal plants all around us. Because these plants have only ever been partially studied, they are poorly understood. Plants endogenous to our climate are here for a purpose. The types of nutritional and health problems encountered in the US are not the same as those typical in a tropical climate. Finding cures in far-away places is impractical, especially when the answers are all locally found. The erroneous conclusion that we do not possess the answer locally is the result of adult plant phytotherapy inconsistencies as adult extractions are nutritionally and pharmacologically inconsistent.

Throughout scientific literature, it is stated that small amounts of many phytochemicals together synergistically contributes to bioactivity potency, while isolated use has been reported to be void of any activity. A panacea does not yet exist; however, hardly any pharmacological need is missing when we fully understand medicinal embryonic phytochemistry (MEPTM),with the 72 plants presently being used. The clever combinatorial use of many plants mixed together provides potent nutritional and therapeutic benefits, so there is no need to look elsewhere until we have exhausted their research studies.

Dominique Richard: Founder of PSC® and the soon-to-be-published Medicinal Embryonic Phytotherapy (MEPTM) Encyclopedia.

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