Embryonic Plant Extracts (EPEs) – Superior Potency


Where would we be without plants? They are the most important, the least understood, and the most taken-for-granted of all living matter in the world. We still have so much to learn about plants – scientific research studies conclude that their complex biochemistry holds the potential answers in the reversal of diseases and our well-being.

Phytochemicals may not be considered essential for nutrition. However, they are essential for the many medicinal biological activities they provide in human health benefits. For humans, plants are indeed “bioessential” for our own survival, well-being, and longevity.  In view of these facts, it seems that nothing is more important and critical than to save our planet.

Our single EPEs available to anyone who wishes to purchase them.  Wholesale prices are available to qualified professionals only, and are available to the general public at retail prices. 


Expanding the sale of single EPEs to the public is the position PSC® Distribution LLC is electing to take after many years of debate regarding their responsible sale. The results of extensive research studies by our scientific team, confirmed by independent laboratory testing, has led us to reach various conclusions, including:

        • To ensure that what you purchase from us is indeed the correct plant species.  Our 1st Step in Current Good Manufacturing Process (CGMP) compliance involves High Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) and Microscopic analysis for botanical ingredient identity testing. This ensures identification of genus, species, and plant part within our crude raw material, extract, and finished product.

        • EPEs are a superior choice to adult plant extracts (APEs), which are often shown to contain toxic metals, the result of having had ample time to interact with environmental pollution. Obviously, young developing embryonic plant tissues have not had time to interact with the environment as much.

        • EPEs are tested for toxic metals and pesticides; they are never sold to anyone when found to contain any contaminants or adulterants.

        • EPEs are also tested for potency to ensure qualitative and quantitative phytochemical concentration, another problem with APEs is that they are often found to have a much lower concentration of phytochemicals. Standardized EPEs are formulated through a process of specific ratio concentration in the final product. Whole herbs are extracted in order to ensure that the finished product contains the broadest spectrum of each herb’s chemical diversity.

        • EPEs are harvested from the wild and never from a cultivated source. Importantly, harvesting of EPEs never requires the cutting of the entire plant, and therefore never poses the risk of plant species extinction – something that is often encountered with APEs.

        • We spare no cost in the making of our extracts’ Organic Grape alcohol 60% and Organic vegetable glycerin. Other herbal manufacturers of EPEs or Gemmotherapy herbal extracts use only a 35% grain alcohol, which is incapable of full-spectrum extractions (long ago established by the French Pharmacopeia).

        • While EPEs are more expensive than APEs, the “extra” cost is worth it, of course, because EPEs promise a safer and more potent finished product. No shortcut is ever taken regarding EPEs and CGMP compliance certification. Rest assured that PSC® is a responsible company when it comes to the sale of dietary supplements.

For all of the reasons described above, we at PSC® concluded that it only makes sense to offer to the public dietary plant extracts that are superior over all others with a high degree of safety and efficacy. You only need to use EPEs once to realize and appreciate their superiority!

So, if you have previously consulted with a practitioner who used any EPEs or Gemmotherapy products, and you enjoyed their benefits, the exciting news is that you can now obtain these extracts on your own, as they are available to everyone! Please note that Arnica and Mistletoe are for TOPICAL USE ONLY!

By purchasing our EPEs, you must agree that PSC® distribution LLC assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of any of our plant extracts. The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always refer to the manufacturer’s label for description, recommended dose, and precautions. As with all dietary supplements, you should seek the advice of your health care practitioner before using these products, especially if you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dark cool place away from extreme sunlight or heat. Do not mix any prescription drugs with EPEs. If any reaction should occur, discontinue immediately and seek the help of a physician.

Yours truly,

PSC® Scientific Team

There are unsuspecting victims, while others are fully aware of the increasing pollutants finding their way into our bodies.  However, most people do not know which products are best for the detoxification of the body burden in doing so selectively, while leaving unscathed essential nutrients necessary for good health.

Too often, a plant is thought of as a simple culinary herb, yet each one has its own unique story and complex composition.  In fact, a single plant can defy the imagination by containing on average over 300 compounds, both with nutritional and medicinal properties. Each plant is a powerhouse reservoir of unrestrained biological activities – some previously known and some still awaiting discovery. Only a lack in phytochemistry knowledge limits their use, since these remarkable plants have already shown a real potential in the reversal of diseases.

The use of isolated synthetic drug analogues is well-known to cause many negative side effects and cause more imbalances than were found initially. Whereas, on the other hand, EPEs cause very few (if any) side effects and assist in the homeostatic process, attaining a state of homeostasis (balance – equilibrium). Furthermore, EPEs contain some of the very best antiaging agents, attributed to its exclusive and novel source of juvenile phytohormones and embryonic plant stem cells (PSC®) – something that is never found in adult plant extracts.


Dr. David Riley MD and Dr. Joseph Cannillo PhD are on the Scientific Advisory Board. PSC Distribution LLC is the world leader and innovator in the research of medicinal embryonic plants and embryonic plant stem cells (PSC®). For further inquires, please contact our Marketing Director, Lynnrae Fors, at Marketing@epsce.com.