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Awareness of What Food is Seasonal

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After a day of consulting on June 21, 2016 and asking various people, what they were eating in any one given day and hearing that they were eating winter staple food, I went crazier than my usual norm! Are we so blinded by the asphalt and hi-rise buildings that we are unaware that summer is [...]

The State of the Air Report 2016

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The American Lung Association "State of the Air 2016" study reported continued improvement in air quality in 2012-2014, showing lower levels of year-round particle pollution and ozone, however more than half of all Americans (166 million people) live in counties where they are exposed to unhealthful levels of pollutants.  This is an increase from the 2015 report [...]


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After foliar application, compounds that are not absorbed into leaves can be removed from the leaf surface by dipping or rinsing in dilutions of organic solvents in water. However, interactions between solvent mixtures and the epicuticular wax layer have received little attention, and information on potential physical and chemical intactness of the plant surface following [...]

19 Reasons Why You Might Want to Stop Buying Supermarket Meat

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I thought this was a good enough an article for everyone to read: "19 Reasons Why You Might Want to Stop Buying Supermarket Meat" by Dan Meyers. Warm regards, Dominique If you’re like most Americans, you most likely buy your meat at the supermarket. Be it raw chicken and steaks from the butcher case or [...]

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