Water!  What a clean, clear, refreshing, healthy beverage, or is it?  As the population of our earth continues to grow our clean potable water sources are getting smaller.  For the most part our bodies are able to overpower the pollutants, but for how long?  We are now seeing more and more diseases that come from water pollution.  These are referred to as water pollution diseases.  These pollutions come from contaminated surface waters and ground waters.  Water filters help eliminate the pollutants but none are 100%.  And unless we use extreme measures to constantly purify our water things will get passed these filters and into our bodies.  The pollution in the water is not as obvious as air pollution and moves much slower so the effects aren’t as quickly identified.

Water pollutants fall into two different categories:  dissolved or suspended.

Chemicals are dissolved pollutants.  They can be natural are man-made and most often go undetected by our senses.  Remember water is clear so you may not even know what may or may not be in there.  As our environment continues to grow we are crossing boundaries at a very rapid pace.  Things like pesticides, petroleum, mercury, PCB’s, and so many other unknown things.  This is becoming an increasing problem as we continue to meet the needs of large population.

Living organisms fall under the suspended categories.  These are induced by human activity, but waters that aren’t affected by human population can still be affected by these same organisms but may not be recognized as water pollutant diseases.   Worms, viruses, bacteria, and fungi are all potentially floating around in that water you are drinking right now.    Also there are things that grow naturally but can and are toxic if consumed.  Algae are found all around water sources and in the presence of nitrates phosphates can produce very rapidly.   In some cases this is so rapid that swimming in the water or eating food from that water source can be toxic.  When this happens the terms “Red Tide” or “Brown Tide” come to mind.  This not only affects humans but kills thousands of fish each year as the Algae will consume the oxygen out of the water.

The effects of these pollutants have a wide range of possibilities, and all depend on many different factors.  The healthier you are the less like you may be affected, but not completely immune to them.

While the most common water pollution diseases involve poisoning episodes affecting the digestive system and human infectious diseases, water pollution may cause a large variety of health diseases including:

  • Typhoid
  • Giardiasis
  • Amoebiasis
  • Ascariasis
  • Hookworm

Everybody is different and will be affected as such. The more you are exposed the worse it may be.  Here is how it may affect you.

  • Directly – through consumption or bathing in a polluted stream (that involve consumption of municipal water, as well as bathing in polluted lakes or beach water).
  • Indirectly – through the consumption of vegetables irrigated with contaminated water, as well as of fish or other animals that live in the polluted water or consume animals grown in the polluted water. This is many times more dangerous than being directly affected through consumption of water because some pollutants bioaccumulate in fish and living organisms (their concentration in fish could be several orders of magnitude higher than their water concentration). Additionally the toxins from the brown tide are strong and can travel via air affecting homeowners close to the beach.

We will never get rid of all the pollutants but changing our behaviors, businesses, procedures, and way of life, water based pollution diseases will become a major epidemic.  According to Cornell University 80% of infectious diseases can be traced back to water pollution.

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  • As Good As New PSC® is a dietary supplement that supports and aids the elimination of body’s burden toxins and is a good general blood cleanser.

Think about this the next time you ask for a glass of water.  Where did it come from? How clean and clear is it really?