Allopathic-Western-Modern Medicine has veered so far away from nature. Yet, in an authoritarian way, they want you to believe that this approach is, in fact, the only “true medicine,” and that any other approach is merely “alternative medicine.”

Nature is the ultimate drug designer – man can only attempt to mimic it. Nevertheless, the need for drug patents (and the financial windfall that comes with them) is rooted in the refusal to use plant extracts in place of the synthetic alternative. However, the truth is that the only alternative medicine here is not medicinal plants but instead the use of synthetic drugs with all of their side effects. Indeed, the medical world has it all wrong in terms of who are the practitioners of alternative medicine. After all, if something was first discovered in nature, any substitute is the alternative, not the other way around. Medicinal plants, used in “traditional medicine” for thousands of years, have been around a lot longer than any synthetic drugs, so to suggest that the use of medicinal plants is alternative medicine is far from accurate. Yet confusing and inaccurate statements like this persist. Why has no one ever before pointed out these scientific truths? Here’s the bottom line: Western Medicine is Alternative Medicine. Pharmacologically speaking, anything other than the use medicinal plants is the real alternative – even homeopathy came later and is an alternative to the first type of medicine to ever exist: herbal medicine. No longer should the practice of plants-based medicine be referred to as alternative medicine. Those who try to convince you of the opposite are, in fact, the real quacks.

Dominique Richard © 2018