The buds of flowers just waiting to burst into bloom are announcing that spring is in the air! We celebrate plants for so many reasons; they provide us with oxygen through photosynthesis, food, shelter, clothing and of course, embryonic plant extracts.

Embryonic plant extracts give many health benefits, as each has a unique composition of amino acids, antioxidants, biophotons, endophytes, enzymes, essential oils, nucleic acids, oligo-elements, peptides, phytochemicals, plant stem cells, proteins and vitamins. They contain essential nutrients for balancing and strengthening the body.

In keeping with our celebration of nature, we are pleased to show the watercolor work of Susan Lanzano, an artist who beautifully evokes botanical life through her unique interpretation of Oriental brush painting and Western botanical art.  Below you will find a number of pieces from the SPRING GALLERY of her website.

Susan states, “I feel a profound connection with my subjects as I work with them, recording each contour on paper, and it is my goal to bring others to the same intimate relationship with nature.” Her exquisitely delicate and detailed renderings capture the energy, movement and spirit of living plants. Along with your embryonic plant extracts, a visit to her website is a great spring tonic!