Dominique Richard, founder of PSC Distribution is a research scientist who has spent more than 40 years studying and researching the novel embryonic plant extracts (EPEs) pharmacological properties. His tenacious evaluative research on the myriad and diverse biological activities of these nutritional and medicinal EPEs is groundbreaking, both in terms of its completeness and with respect to his thorough documentation efforts. Indeed, through in vivo human and animal studies, Mr. Richard has made unequivocal discoveries regarding EPEs’ therapeutic effects on human health, including the benefits and potential side effects. Furthermore, he has exhaustively researched the influence of EPEs on blood chemistry, hematology, flow cytometry, cytology, and pathology.

He hopes his legacy will be in providing the necessary scientific and medical-based evidence that the pharmacological answers to the questions of how to best prevent and treat human diseases are not developed in the laboratories of Big Pharma, but instead are discovered all around us – in nature. Mr. Richard believes EPEs offer very real potential to reverse, and perhaps altogether eliminate, biological diseases in humans. But legacies are rooted in the future, and he has important messages for the physicians of today.

The pollution increase during the past two decades has created a new and frightening phenomenon in human wellness and illness: pollutants now mimic the conditions and diseases once thought to be attributed to our own human biology (for example, the symptoms of high mercury levels in blood closely resemble the symptoms we associate with multiple sclerosis). Mr. Richard’s impassioned concern is that, in the field of environmental medicine, physicians are not sufficiently trained to recognize pollutants as a root cause of disease in a differential diagnosis, a problem exacerbated by the major differences in the appropriate medicinal treatment based on root cause.

According to his own tireless research, MEP™ provides the only viable approach to regenerative medicine capable of somatic cell fitness, rejuvenation of dying cells, and interruption of the germ cell–somatic conflict. In fact, Mr. Richard’s research extends to countless different natural therapies he has studied, leading to his conclusion that only EPEs are worth pursuing pharmacologically, since no manmade product can possibly compete with nature’s superior chemistry. Today’s physicians are focused on suppressing symptoms, but he has witnessed profound life-changing and disease-eliminating effects on human health from MEP™, which he genuinely believes to be our only hope in the reversal of disease. Quite simply, MEP™ is an all-encompassing nutritional and biomedical therapy to which nothing can possibly compare, and ultimately, that is Mr. Richard’s message and his legacy.