Because of single embryonic plant extracts’ (EPEs) unparalleled potency, as well as their potential relative and absolute contraindications, we sell them only to licensed medical practitioners (MD, ND, DO, DC, RN, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), certified herbalists and phytotherapists, including other health care practitioners who have had professional training in nutritional sciences). However, that does not mean the public is unable to access some of EPEs’ dietary health benefits! PSC Distribution LLC is much more concerned about the proper use of our products than we are about profit through education and this is precisely why we restrict the sale of single EPEs.

After extensive testing and product trials, our scientific team of skillful phytotherapists and medical doctors have combined single EPEs into 29 unique synergistic Vegetable Embryonic Serum (VES™ ) Complexes. They are called vegetable serums as in the nectar of a plant, the most precious serum (as in human blood) found only in the early stage of growth (embryogenesis), so essential to sustain a plant’s life and development that without it a plant cannot grow, mature, and be healthy. In humans, the VES™  product line helps to protect, nourish, and support general common ailments for which they have shown a high degree of efficacy and safety.

Indeed, combinatorial Medicinal Embryonic Phytochemistry (MEP™) addresses a multitude of health concerns, especially those in areas of disease prevention, by first detoxifying the body’s burden, liberating toxins that help to regain optimal organ functions, thus slowing down the aging process, increasing lifespan, and more importantly, improving quality of life. And all this is achieved with very few, if any, observed or reported side effects.

You may wish to consult with one of our professional health care practitioners proficient in MEPTM, who can design for you a custom Biotherapeutic program that goes beyond common ailments. Click to find a practitioner in your state. If none are listed in your state, you may opt to have a consultation via telephone, Skype, or FaceTime with any of them.

VES™ complexes are 100% certified organic, and each plant has the potential to reestablish and restore homeostasis (equilibrium) in the human body – something that no single isolated semi-synthetic or synthetic compounds can ever achieve. Embryonic plant stem cells (PSC®), synonymous with juvenile phytohormones, are the best rejuvenators of dying cells.