PSC® Exclusively Distributes Embryonic Plant Extracts (EPE) of high quality and superior potency which provides
exceptional results.

Our mission is to provide the most beneficial embryonic herbal extracts that nature has to offer. We remain nature’s most devout representative and as nature evolves and adapts, we are flexible with this ever-changing tide of learning-curve and continuous evolution. Without nature, we could not survive.

PSC®  exclusively distributes, researches and studies embryonic plant extracts as well as comparatively studies adult plant extracts. This is how PSC® , its founder Dominique Richard and the scientific researchers team have come PSC®  to the conclusion that medicinal embryonic phytotherapy (MEP™) is superior to adult plant extracts inconsistencies and the latter void of any cell regenerative ability and unable to detoxify human’s body burden. In fact, adult plant extracts have been shown to contain various xenobiotics. Just like that of adult human beings with the years have accumulated endogenous toxins, some deliberately chosen and some exogenous environmental source; particulates that floats into the air and from the dietary choices we make. Whereas embryonic plants, although potentially growing in a toxic adult plant has yet to interact with the environment, otherwise their growth would be stunted or greatly altered.

The MEP™ Encyclopedia is over 20,000 pages and is the long-awaited answer to meet ALL of your nutritional and pharmacological needs. It is in the final editing stage and will be available in 2019. Used in conjunction with the online e-seminars that will be available, it will be invaluable to practitioners elevate their prescriptions and meet all pharmacological needs.