Dominique Richard, Herbal Therapy and the Professional Division of PSC®

Dominique Richard’s Professional Division of PSC® gives away nearly all of the information, research, recommendations and advice gleaned in the last 10 years. 

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Dominique Richard: The Revolutionary and World-renowned Doctor of Plant Stem Cell Research

Dominique Richard is a medical phytotherapist consulting to various physicians throughout the world.  His pioneered research and innovative approach to conquering human disease, makes Richard on the cutting edge of a paradigm shift in the way we think about medicine and medicinal embryonic plant extracts.

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Dominique Richard – Phytochemically Wise

Dominique Richard is a true Master of Phytochemistry and indeed, phytochemically wise! Experienced and Knowledgeable.

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Dominique Richard, a Modern-Day Figure for Medicinal Herbs

Dominique Richard has always had an alternative view on medicine.  You decide if that approach is considered “fringe radicalism”. 

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Embryonic Plant Stem Cell Researcher Dominique Richard Awaits Two Pending Patents

Researcher and author Dominique Richard is a researcher, scientist, and author at PSC Distribution (  Last week he announced two pending and groundbreaking patents in the field of plant stem cell biology. 

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Dominique Richard – Embryonic Herbal Therapy – Medical Pioneer Ahead of His Time

Dominique Richard’s reputation precedes him. After more than 36 years devoted to the study of plant stem cells, medicinal embryonic phytotherapy, and healing herbs, he has earned a global reputation as the world’s foremost authority on embryonic photochemistry and immunotherapy.

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