by Dr. Marie Gabrielle A. Laguna © 2015

Hawthron – Crataegus (buds)

Everyday, we are exposed to various factors which stimulate aging. The air that we breathe, the food that we eat, the water that we drink, our fast-paced, late-meal, late-sleep lifestyle speed up the appearance of skin wrinkles and sagging. It is not only the skin which reflects aging; deep inside, our immune system, digestive system, lungs, heart, liver and joints are also aching because of the stresses that we continuously encounter.

So what happens during aging, which gives rise to all of these manifestations?

Our body is made up of cells, some of them stem cells or “parent cells”-and these cells have their own lifespan. Various types of cells vary in their lifespan and these cells reach their ripe age through the process of cell death.

There are two types of cell death: one is a healthy type of cell death known as “apoptosis” and the other is a traumatic type of death, known as “necrosis”. When we are exposed to the stressors previously mentioned, our cells die a traumatic type of cell death. This can contribute to rapid aging of our bodily organs.

There is another factor which leads to faster skin aging, and that is the accumulation of free radicals and oxidants in our system. The accumulation of these free radicals is due to slowing of processes when we are exposed to stresses, plus the diseases to which we are prone to everyday. These free radicals continue to slow down the cell’s processes, thus our skin develops wrinkling and sagging, our muscles and joints ache, and our body systems are slow to function. We feel aged inside and out.

In the past, our ancestors have been using plants as effective remedies for various illnesses and to freshen up the body and make the skin smooth and clear. In our research, it has been found out that embryonic plant stem cells, the young cells which gives rise to new rootlets, buds and shoots constantly, are the ones with the purest and most active and potent plant hormones known as auxins and gibberellins. These plant hormones are embryonic plant stem cells and are not found in adult plants and may be the reason why shoots, buds and young stalks are not as pigmented, wrinkled, stooped, dried and deformed as compared to the adult plants.

PSC Distribution LLC, in its attempt to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative medicine, has created a new line of medicinal embryonic plant extracts. These embryonic plant extracts are the newest modality in not only anti-aging and detoxification but also in strengthening immune response and in improving quality of life of patients with certain diseases and illnesses.

Medicinal embryonic plant extracts speed up the body’s metabolism and guides the cells in their normal processes. The plant hormones facilitate “cleansing” of the body cells against toxic wastes and free radicals. Because embryonic plant extracts are taken orally, they facilitates cleansing and detoxification not only on the inside but also on the outside. Not only do you look younger, you also feel younger.

PSC® embryonic plant extracts are the answers to today’s problems on faster skin and body aging. Experience life to its fullest and see for yourself.