by Dr. Marie Gabrielle A. Laguna © 2015

Mistletoe – Viscum Album (young shoots)

20th century medicine has its eye on various discoveries, in its attempts to study the causes of diseases by the molecular and genetic level. The discovery of embryonic plant extract research has paved way for useful things which appear as future solutions to dilemmas posed by cancer and viral or bacterial gene mutations. One of these remarkable discoveries in stem cell research is the use of embryonic plant extracts to create elixirs which can help prolong life expectancy and quality of life in today’s world of junk food, global warming and pollution.

Although embryonic plant extract therapy is a novel, natural way of healing, the story of PSC® embryonic plant extracts (EPE) is not new. It dates back to ancient Egypt, when buds were being used in illnesses. In 1970, Dr. Pol Henry, a Belgian Medical Doctor, published his findings on the use of extracts from buds and other plant material. He called his study on Medicinal Embryonic Phytotherapy, a therapy which is based on biologic energy from plants and other natural resources. Dr. Max Tetau then popularized “gemmotherapy” or “bud therapy” in France. It was Dr. Dominique Richard who first thru Dolisos Laboratories brought and introduced gemmotherapy in North America.

Embryonic plant extract phytotherapy is a form of therapy which used extracts from buds, young shoots and young roots. These plant parts were chosen to be made into extracts because they were believed to be the center of a plant’s energy and thus, they are the main source of therapeutic effects. These parts, made into embryonic plant extracts, also differ from the adult plant parts because they are less exposed to toxins and pollution.

Embryonic plant extract are a treasury of effective therapies. Embryonic tissue found in embryonic plant extracts contain biologic energy and the genetic information for future plants. Embryonic plant extracts also has an abundance of precious substances such as growth hormones, including auxins, gibberellins, ethylene, abscisic acid, cytokinins, nucleic acids, minerals, oligo elements, flavonoids, vitamins and enzymes.

Embryonic plant extracts contain auxins, which are plant hormones which were discovered by Charles Darwin in 1880. They stimulate cell growth and strengthen the immune system. They also contain Indoleacetic acid which helps regenerate tissues and lessens inflammation.

Embryonic plant extracts also contain gibberellins, which stimulate RNA and protein synthesis. The cytokinins found in embryonic plant extracts protect cells as they go into the process of cell division, thus they show promise in cancer therapy. The most incredible Brassinosteroids the polycrest androgen regulator. Abscisic acid, also found in embryonic plant extracts promote insulin production.

Thus it is not surprising that embryonic plant extracts are now being used for athletes, growth problems in children, and replacement therapy for aging. Embryonic plant extracts increases exercise endurance, facilitates healing after illnesses and hospitalizations. Embryonic plant extracts reverse skin and body aging by increasing collagen and elastin, firm’s muscles, reduces weight and body fat, enhances memory, improves vision, makes skin soft, smoother and firm, reverses osteoporosis due to its osteoblastic action, and improves sleep.

Embryonic plant extracts are non-toxic to the body. They have many routes of elimination, as compared to drugs, and this is protective against toxicity.

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Marie Gabrielle Laguna MD