by Nick DiNatale © 2015

It’s not an outrageous mindset. Most people spend up to an hour in a packed waiting room where they’re seen by a doctor for fifteen minutes. A prescription is given, and then it’s off to the pharmacy. Another half hour is lost there for a handful of pills in a bottle. Follow the instructions, and you’ll feel better – you won’t have to go to the doctor again. Right?


It’s known that medicine doesn’t quite work like that. We get minimal care from a practitioner and then we’re given medications that while they may address one issue, the amount of side effects listed in these medications can be surprising, if not a little frightening.    Most practitioners can “daisy chain” a patient’s medications – specifically, they prescribe medication to address an illness or condition, then prescribe one (or several others) to offset the side effects of the primary medication(s). 

This could be a little more bearable if people had to deal with this knowing that they are being treated, and that this is simply an unpleasant but necessary process. However, the reality of it is that most patients end up going to their doctor repeatedly, or visiting several doctors for treatments that feel as if they’re doing as much harm as they are helping.

With all the medical, scientific, and technological advances we have made, is this really the best that healthcare can offer us? Fifteen minutes of distracted attention from a doctor and a handful of pills with a dizzying number of side effects? Luckily, the answer is no.

That is where PSC Distribution and our line of embryonic plant extracts (EPE) and vegetable embryonic serum (VES TM ) complexes come in. PSC® offers the largest line of single EPE along with over 31 complexes that can attend to many health issues with a level of effectiveness that can rival, if not outright surpass what is being offered today. At PSC® , we believe in and offer a simple, healthier, more natural way of bringing your body back into balance. We offer cost effective, all natural alternatives with no long list of side effects or warnings. 

PSC Distribution isn’t just another company pushing its products on consumers. Sure, we offer high quality products, but what we truly and deeply pride ourselves on is educating practitioners on the usage of our products so that their full potential can be realized. Whether it’s a practitioner looking to supplement or augment their practice with our products, or, learn more about a truly profound alternative means of improving their quality of patient care that was never thought possible.