by Dr. Marie Gabrielle A. Laguna © 2015

Beech – Fagus Sylvatica (buds)

Our body is like a huge community, where good bacteria and biochemicals reside inside their cell-homes. Everyday, physiologic processes occur, comparable to the daily traffic and the hustle and bustle of work that we are engaging in constantly. However, delays in work can sometimes occur-a break in a dike, natural disasters such as typhoons, snowstorms, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes-and the constituents in the community we call the HUMAN BODY lag behind their processes and work schedules. All these delays can cause STRESS. This is where a modern yet natural solution comes in—embryonic plant extracts.

Embryonic plant extracts containing plant stem cells are both ANCIENT and NOVELTY. These cells are TODAY’s and TOMORROW’s answers to medical mysteries. The idea of embryonic plant extracts is old because plants have been used by man since the ancient times; yet modern medicine and laboratory science has developed this ancient art of herbology to create the purest breeds of buds, rootlets and young stalks-without the imperfections.

This is where modern technology meets traditional medicine. The creation of these type of embryonic plant extracts is a major breakthrough in today’s modern medicine. In this modern world of hospitals and treatment facilities, chemotherapeutic research and toxicology, there are still unanswered questions. Susceptibility to infection varies from person to person, and scientists haven’t found the answers. Medicinal Embryonic Phytotherapy (MEPTM ) applies modern technology to plants-further purifying them, to heal us and comfort us; to make our lives better. This is when modern science becomes CONSTRUCTIVE and BENEFICIAL to Nature.

Creators of synthetic drugs are not aware that our body is capable of repairing itself in times of infection. It doesn’t actually need foreign chemicals for it to build and repair body tissues. Rejuvenation is a natural process of the body, which is best brought about by these type of cells.

There are many ways on how the body fights infection by itself, without the use of synthetic substances. Fever, the immune response, inflammation and biochemical messengers in the body are all protective mechanisms against infection. Our body needs natural systems and substances for it to function effectively and for it to withstand STRESS and last for many years.