by Dominique Richard © 2015

One of the greatest benefits obtained from embryonic plant extracts is their ability to repair our DNA. Why in the world any manufacturers of such extractions would still want to use corn derived alcohol as a solvent? And still insist on saying it’s of no consequences when knowingly that GMO corn causes DNA damage?

It seems that the more these Genetically Modified foods are tested, the more frightening the implications seem to be for human health. We Holistic, Integrative, Complementary practitioners have an enormous responsibility to not further pollute an already polluted body by insuring that the tools and agents we use are non-toxic.

GMO corn derived source of alcohol as a solvent causes DNA damage even when using non GMO corn source alcohol. GMO corn is cross-pollinating thru out our organic farms. Organic farms are increasingly finding that via cross-pollination their pure food has been contaminated with GM DNA thus ruining their businesses. Organic farmers take every preventive measure to stop GMO contamination of their crops, but cross-pollination and drift from other farms is out of their control and cannot be prevented other than stopping the GMO maker Monsanto. We are very concerned that organic farmers not be punished when they are in fact victims of GMO proliferation. This is one of the main reasons we use only Grape alcohol certified organic and because grape alcohol is 100% allergen free as whereas corn allergies are very high.

“Monsanto partially funds the anti-organic Center for Global Food Issues, a project of the right-wing Hudson Institute.”

Once released into the environment, genetically modified seed contaminates and destroys organic seed for the same crop. For example, soon after Monsanto introduced genetically modified seed for canola, organic canola became virtually extinct as a result of contamination. Organic corn, soybeans, cotton, sugar beets and alfalfa now face the same fate, as Monsanto has released genetically modified seed for each of those crops, too. Monsanto is developing genetically modified seed for many other crops, thus putting the future of all food, and indeed all agriculture, at stake.

More information about PUBPAT’s suit against Monsanto’s seed patents can be found at PUBPAT > Monsanto Seed Patents.

The term “genetically modified organism,” or GMO, refers to a living organism whose genes have been altered (adulterated) by inserting gene from an unrelated species. This type of technology is called “transgenic technology” and has been introduced in over 40 species of plants for food and fibers so far. Corn being the number one GMO adulterated. In crops, the technology has generally been used to incorporate genes that enhance resistance to insecticides, herbicides or pesticides, enhance drought tolerance, encourage higher yields or promote the ability to plant more in a smaller area and cause DNA damage in human beings. In our opinion at PSC we need to boycott now any such corn source derived alcohol manufacturers due to the risk they posed to our health and to insure we take the very best safe liquid extractions.

The corn in question, MON863, is made by the Monsanto Company and approved for use in Australia, Canada, China, the European Union, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, and the United States. It has had a gene inserted from the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), which causes the plant’s cells to produce a pesticide.

Researchers fed rats either unmodified corn or diets containing 11 or 30 percent MON863 for 90 days. The rats who consumed modified corn were found to exhibit signs of liver and kidney toxicity, as well as signs of hormonal changes. This defeat our very own purpose to do no harm has a physician.

PSC Distribution LLC group stands for educational safety first, products second and will never use any GMO adulterated raw material in the maceration of their extracts.