By Regina Vannostrand © 2015

Fig – Ficus Carica (buds)

In this article, I am going to briefly talk about what Embryonic Plant Extract and Biotherapy is and why each and every one of us deserves to have access to a practitioner well versed in this field so that we can all be well balanced individuals enjoying optimal health.

First, I would like to cover the concept of ‘Whole Body Medicine,’ a fairly recent development in Western Medicine.  Traditional Medical Schools have only in the last few years added the study of this to their curriculum.  Embryonic Plant Extract and Biotherapy falls under this umbrella which presently also includes Holistic, Alternative, Complementary, as well as Integrative and Homeopathic medicine.  Our institutions and practitioners are on a well-intended learning curve, which is admirable; but unfortunately, that means some of them have yet to gain access to the knowledge of embryonic phytochemistry and its therapeutic applications. 

With each new crop of pharmaceutical remedies come even more toxic side effects.  Until now, our practitioners have had only these medicines and some vitamin supplements to choose from.  We even take medicines to manage the side effects of medicines.  The body then struggles with an ever-increasing toxic and chemical BURDEN taxing its systems.  A downward chronic spiral of energy depletion and illness ensues.

When faced with this – many well-meaning practitioners do realize the limitations today’s pharmaceuticals present and search for alternatives.  To the contrary, Nature’s Pharmacy in the form of Embryonic Plant Extract products provides us with a natural, non-man-made unadulterated and wholesome new way of designing custom made biotherapeutic programs without any negative long term side effects.  As with all medicines, it is the patient’s, client’s or caregiver’s responsibility to take or dispense as directed by their physician or practitioner.  There are, however, some anticipated initial side effects when the embryonic plant extract derivatives are used to unload the body’s toxic burden.  This must be done in order to restore healthy cell regeneration and blood chemistry balance.

Science has provided the health-conscious community with a new technology that can be trusted in promoting and maintaining healthy bodily functions.  From brain activity to heart function, circulatory health, optimal immune response, digestive health and balance, among others.  Embryonic Plant Extract containing plant stem cells also are the long overdue modern miracle we have all been searching for – “sooo close in the garden or the forest, yet sooo far away.”

At last we will be able to utilize these extracts (made as nature made them) for their ability to naturally and gently detoxify our bodies and enjoy the regenerative powers they deliver.

The next time you take a walk in your favorite park, as you listen to the sound of the rustling trees, know that not only do they make oxygen so that you may live; they also sprout buds each spring that may hold the secrets as to how you can live in healthy harmony with nature.  Take a small step – ask yourself – what kind of tree is this?  Google it, learn more about what phytonutrients from buds may do for you and your family. 

Embryonic plant extracts are organically grown and certified extracts that come from the young shoots and buds of trees and shrubs, embryonic internal bark, embryonic germinating seeds, rootlets, flower male catkins.  They are harvested at peak times by botanists while still in the embryonic or infant stage of growth.

Embryonic plant extracts bear all the genetic information of the adult plant but in a nanoparticles concentration and does not contain any toxic heavy metals which are in many adult plants.   Embryonic plant extracts are more POTENT than adult plant extracts because of their small nanoparticles structures that have unsurpassed ultramolecular osmosis (penetrating) ability.  Our holistic practitioners are, therefore, also encouraged to update their practices through continuing education utilizing embryonic phytotherapy.

Embryonic plant extracts are ecologically friendly.  When the raw materials are harvested, the plants remain largely intact while adult plant extracts require the complete destruction of the plant.