PSC® Embryonic Plant Extracts (EPE) provides
exceptional results.

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sm_bullet1“PSC’s herbs have been extremely helpful in detoxifying my liver, improving my immune system and help with my allergies in ways that conventional prescription drugs did not, and managed to do so without the side effects of synthesized medicines. My health has improved considerably since I began using PSC’s herbs.” Adi T.

sm_bullet1“I would not be here today if it wasn’t for PSC. The knowledge and care that I received was extraordinary! Plants are our cure and having a place, like PSC to help you understand how they work to heal you is the only way to really get back to living a healthy life. I love this system of healing over any other.” Deloris K.

sm_bullet1“I have experienced several health miracles using PSC extracts: 2 torn menisci healed without surgery, cataracts receded giving me 20/15 vision (from 20/40), enlarged prostate reduced to a healthy 19-years old’s size, normalized my cat’s liver enzymes (from over 1100 to 65), healed my cat’s IBD.”Carl

sm_bullet1   “I found PSC extracts at a crucial moment in my life. I am a 60 years-old female and for the first time in my life, I was feeling tired, weak, frail and having atrial fibrillation (Afib) several times a week for about 10 hours at the time. I was having pains in my joints and muscles, very low blood pressure, gastro esophageal reflux (GERD), burning in my esophagus chronically. The pain I had was so severe it limited what and how I could eat. I also have had swollen ankles for many years, which I thought was due to standing for hours a day in my work. The only solution my previous doctor had was to give me drugs with side effects. I was prescribed a blood thinner, Coumadin. It’s a very complex drug because of its interactions with other drugs and foods, not to mention the possibility of hemorrhage. Another drug I took was to keep my heart rhythm regular, which it did not controlled well and further lowered my blood pressure, which in my case was already low and became dangerously low.”

“So, I was quite desperately looking for better answers, so I could live a better quality of life. I found PSC extracts and became a patient of Dr. Lautin and Dominique Richard medical phytotherapist. They both took a through medical intake, including questions about everything in my life. Then was ordered extensive blood tests. They said there are hundreds of reasons why someone can have Afib, and they would make all attempts at evaluating its root causes.”

“I was put on a Biotherapeutic program made of various embryonic plants extracts to follow, and gave me a detailed education and clear guidelines on how to eat for my specific conditions. None of my medications were discontinued right away, it took about 3 to 4 months to do that. Very slowly I started to have much less Afib and less often. My acid reflux after a few weeks was gone, the swelling in my ankles gone forever the second week. I realized eating wheat kept me bloated. Eating well and the right combination of foods made me feel so much better and gave me energy. I lost any extra weight around my waist. The pains in my joints and muscles completely disappeared. I then discontinued my prescription drugs and started to feel stronger. I became increasingly secure in my body, and rarely did I get Afib anymore. I could eat better and more variety of foods.”

“I am much stronger, less anxious, and sleep much better. I have a sense of well-being. I am still conscious that I must be careful with foods, tomatoes, fats, sugar, alcohol, spices, and chocolate. I have been free of Afib for over a year now! For the first time since the beginning for which no cardiologists I had seen could control, nor did they try to identify any of its root causes. I am grateful to take these embryonic plant extracts, they are of very high quality and best is that they made me feel so much better. My quality of life is good. No side effects and other parts of me have gotten Healthier too. With gratitude.” Marieliz  

sm_bullet1  “I have been using PSC’s herbal remedies for a long time following a lifetime of chronic ailments and conditions, and they have made all the difference in my health and wellbeing. Under the care of Dominique Richard and Dr. Andrew Lautin, my health has been carefully monitored and the herbs specially selected for my individual programs with medical evaluations and blood tests to ensure I was getting the correct treatment, and this has consistently worked well for me.This has made the greatest difference in my life and my health, and I will be forever grateful.” Adi T.

sm_bullet1   “I developed asthma as an adult with terrible shortness of breath attacks, regular allergies and coughing. Doctors kept treating me with inhalers & steroids which added numerous sides effects and barely reduced the attacks. I was dependent of medications which I felt were harmful to my health. PSC treatment has completely cured my asthma. I have no chronic attacks for the past 3 or 4 years and I am completely free of inhalers, steroids and any asthma medication. I exercise and no longer have any shortness of breath.” Sonia 

sm_bullet1   “As a fellow practitioner and colleague of many decades, I’ve experienced first-hand the corrective properties of the embryonic plant extracts for the body’s chemical imbalances. PSC’s true value lies in the support they give effectively addressing strengths and bolstering deficiencies.
The PSC extracts efficacy against pollutants of all sorts should not be underestimated. PSC uses the most potent of nature’s constituents to combat a full spectrum of toxic elements affecting our health – from the depletion of nutrients from our foods to the toxicity of our surroundings.
We age, but we grow older healthier on all levels with the ability to sustain our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.” Beverly H.

sm_bullet1    “A friend of mine gave me Allergy Depurato to try for my allergies.  Amazing, amazing, amazing.  I will not be without it.” Mari B

sm_bullet1   “For years I have found better health with natural embryonic plant extracts and PSC doctors, Dominique and Dr. Lautin’s biotherapeutic programs. My first encounter was to treat chronic bronchitis problems, which has been completely resolved. I’ve also experienced resolution from digestive problems, colds, and flu’s. I’m confident and trust in their ability.” Lynn P.

sm_bullet1   “I’ve used Sinus Eliminato now for the last several times I’ve had the beginning of a sinus infection.  It works really well, without side effects.  I take enough to get the “faucet” running and relieve the headache.” Ron P

sm_bullet1   “I love these plant stem cells! The ones I use all the time are Sleep REM and Fig to help me with my sleeping. These were recommended by my Homeopathic Practitioner Marnie Reasor In Nashville, TN. I have used them for about 2 years and would not dream of going to bed without my drops in water. I have just ordered Sinus Eliminato to help me with my Fall allergies. I have used several others on an as needed basis with Marnie’s recommendation. The drops are wonderful and Allen in charge of ordering is so nice. A good experience for me!” Leslie

sm_bullet1  “As someone who has dealt with sinus problems for the past ten years, Sinus Eliminato has literally been a great find. I no longer struggle with sinus issues. So thankful!”   Richard R

sm_bullet1 “I’m 13 years old and have been using Acne Depurato for about 3 weeks and it works!”   Haley

sm_bullet1 “I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC) also known as Painful Bladder Syndrome. I began taking Cowberry and Cramp Bark four times a day, the last dose at bedtime. It took about 2 weeks for me to experience the first glimpse of relief.  After a month on the drops the spasms were only in the mornings.  I am still taking the drops and rarely experience any pain.  I also had asthma from the time I was 12 (now as a grandmother, that’s a LONG time).  After taking the extracts for about 6 months, I no longer have asthma problems.  I love these products.” Lynnrae 

sm_bullet1 “My practice as a classical homeopath focuses on reducing client’s overall level of susceptibility over time helping people with both acute and chronic disease to enjoy increased vitality, reduced pain and improved health. I use gemmotherapy remedies as an adjunct to classical homeopathy in order to support the health of organs that show susceptibility based on the client’s description of the symptoms they are experiencing, as well as to relieve complaints that may take longer to resolve by using classical homeopathy.” Mary Jo Aloi, CCH, RSHom(NA)

sm_bullet1 “PSC’s Medicinal Embryonic Phytotherapy is a powerful component in my practice.” Dr. Elle Guastella, Ph.D, N.D., BsHN

sm_bullet1 “My clients have highly benefited from PSC products for detoxification , nourishment and rejuvenation purposes- especially to help decrease anxiety and depression, resolve upper respiratory infections an migraine headaches, increase energy and athletic performance, improve vision and sleep, facilitate stronger bone growth, reduce stress achieve healthier skin, and enhance the immune system.”Rainer Orth, LCSW, CCH, BFRP Integrative Health Practitioner

sm_bullet1 “PSC products are an important part of helping the body repair and we use them with great skill.” Dr. Daniel McDonald DC

sm_bullet1 “I use the PSC Arnica in my oil and on specific injury sites. I also use it on bruises and from my personal experiences with my health, I make suggestions to clients as to what might improve their own health issues. I also recommend PSC as an excellent resource for alternative healthcare.”
Joni Friedman, Licensed Massage Therapist (owner of Ummassage)

sm_bullet1 “We use specialized medicines such as homeopathy, biotherapeutic drainage, and plant stem cell medicines to reverse disease process and promote healing and wellness.” Dr. Jason Black and Dr. Jessica Black

sm_bullet1 “I have been thrilled with the results that my clients are getting on the PSC products!  Black Currant, Invigorato and Cognitivo are staples for my practice!”
Anna Aycock, Certified Nutritional Consultant, CNC, Certified Kalish Method of Functional Medicine, Certified Electro Dermal Screening and Certified Light Energy Coach, BANHAS.

sm_bullet1 “I focus on the anti-inflammatory products that PSC offers to round out a holistic approach.” Ty Tockwell, LMP

sm_bullet1 “Embryonic Phytotherapy has been one of the foundational pieces in our programs.” Dr. Elizabeth DC, QN, CNN