Aging is NOT only an external phenomenon – it needs to be addressed from the inside out!

The reported health benefits from energetic embryonic plant extracts (EPEs) can never be derived from lifeless adult plant extracts, which have neither the correct nutritional and phytochemical composition nor the proper concentrations and ratios of chemical constituents like fatty acids. Additionally, unique compounds are found only in EPEs.

All of this is precisely why medicinal embryonic phytotherapy (MEP™) is a superior biological therapy: it has the same chemical constituents found in adult plant extracts, but without the unwanted toxic contaminants often found in mature plants; the chemical compounds found purely in EPEs – like embryonic plant stem cells (PSC® ), juvenile phytohormones, etc. – have antiaging pharmacological supremacy over any other known rejuvenation agents. Why would you not want to have all of these benefits in one?

Virtually all known methods for extending lifespan and quality of life, as well as modalities that can protect the organism and prevent disease, are mediated by autophagy housekeeping. Fortunately, we have the very best tools from Nature at our disposal, NOT increasing indiscriminately, but rather modulating autophagy – mitochondrial homeostasis and somatic cell fitness. EPEs are selective chelators and detoxifying agents that not only remove the body’s toxic burden, but at the same time replenish it with essential nutrients, like enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Ultimately, no other natural modality is capable of increasing longevity like what is consistently witnessed from MEP™.


Plenty of shrinkage and elongation occur as we age. This includes our height, heart, brain, bladder, facial bones and sex organs. Gravity is another factor influencing aging. Our cartilage, like skin, becomes thinner and loses its elasticity and collagen. While all of these changes are ongoing, our nose, ears and feet keep growing. The tiny joints between the toe bones deteriorate, allowing the toes to spread out, and the arch of the foot flattens and gains one shoe size. The protective fat pads on the heels and balls of the feet also flatten through wear and tear.

The use of PSC®  embryonic plant extracts, along with a healthy lifestyle, can greatly reduce the decaying process of aging. They restore the body by reducing the accelerated shrinkage. Anyone who has consulted with one of our health practitioners has reported, on average, a ten-year reduction in the appearances of their age when taking these EPEs as part of a custom-made Biotherapeutic program.


When we age, we experience a reduced resiliency of blood vessels, which may go unnoticed, even for decades. As we become, older,  our heart rate becomes slightly slower and the heart may become enlarged. Our blood vessels and arteries become stiffer, causing the heart to work harder to pump blood. Muscles generally lose strength and flexibility, and you may become less coordinated or have trouble balancing. Metabolism and our digestive system slows down, memory and sex drive often decline, we develop hearing and vision problems, etc…  Simply put, as we age, the body calcifies and decay sets in.


Anthocyanins and anthocyanidins are plant pigments that help vascular tone and integrity. EPEs contain:

• High concentration of non-manmade amino acids.

• Biophotons that give much needed light energy to remove debris from “darkened” cells and restore the electron walls of the cells, thereby preventing pathogen invasion.

• High content of antioxidants, which is effective in reducing oxidative stress.

• Essential minerals.

• Nucleic acids for DNA and RNA repair.

• Omega 3 fatty acids, which are well known for their antiinflammatory activity.

• Peptides.

• Protein.

• Vitamins and Minerals.

Many phytochemicals found in EPEs contain high amounts of various kaempferols and resveratrol, which are well known to activate the protein sirtuin-1 (SIRT1) and other sirtuins implicated in influencing a wide range of cellular processes, like aging,  transcription, apoptosis, and inflammation, and have a molecular link between metabolism and immunity (Preyat, 2013; Wade 2008). EPEs’ growth, immune, and stress hormones play a role in increasing collagen and elastin, which has an effect on decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity. They play a regulatory role in preventing photoaging of the skin, thereby retarding senescene.


As we age, the rate of cell renewal is on the decline. EPEs contain phytostimuline peptides, which are very effective in skin cell renewal and rejuvenation. They also have collective antioxidant properties which support cell rejuvenation.

It is beyond the scope of this article to describe every alteration aging has in store for us. PSC®  embryonic herbal extracts are not a panacea, but they are Nature’s antiaging agents; antiaging medicine – not antiaging cosmetics, as what is experienced is a vibrant restoring of the body from the inside out.

PSC® is the only non-manmade product that addresses all concerns of an aging body. Anyone using our over-the-counter complexes or single embryonic plant extracts will experience a greatly beneficial anti-senescence effect. However, the ultimate goal is to be able to intervene with the aging process, which requires a qualified health care professional that is proficient in phytochemistry in order to create a custom program that utilizes and combines extracts from the full range of our products.
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