Can man duplicate what nature has already perfected?

Embryonic phytochemistry is nature’s medicine with unsurpassed and unequalled agents capable of detoxifying and rejuvenating humans and animals alike. It harmonizes our physical powers, mental clarity, and vibrational wellbeing, showing us that all the answers to health issues already exist in nature – not necessarily in manmade chemicals. Only when a natural approach is chosen can we feel naturally better! If you have a question we haven’t answered below, please email us at info@epsce.com


Why are single embryonic plant extracts so effective?

Are your products FDA approved?

Are PSC® products ecologically friendly?

What types of tests do you do on your products?

What is your GMO policy?

How, when and where do you harvest your herbs?

Are any of your extracts made from dry herbs?

What is the difference between PSC® single extracts and VES™ complexes?

What is the best way to take PSC® embryonic plant extracts?

What type of alcohol do you use in your embryonic herbal extracts?

Can Professionals order products to be sent directly to patients?