The circulatory system moves substances to and from the cells while playing a part in homeostasis by helping stabilize body temperature and pH. Damaged arteries and veins can hinder blood flow and increase the risk of disease. We offer nutritional support for circulatory health with nature’s organic Vegetable Embryonic Serum (VES™) complex Venago Depurato PSC®.

Venago Depurato PSC®

Venago Depurato PSC® is a dietary supplement that supports healthy veins, improves blood circulation, reduces hemorrhoids and improves capillary fragilities.

Dietary Components: Horse Chestnut – Aesculus Hippocastanum (buds) 1:20, Service Tree – Sorbus Domestica (buds) 1:20, Sweet Chestnut – Castanea Vesca (buds) 1:20. Organic Grape alcohol 60% and Vegetable Glycerin from Red Palm Trees.

Recommended Serving: 15-25 drops 3 times daily into ½ glass of high quality filtered water and SIP sublingually over a period of 5 minutes. Children < 80 lbs. 1/2 and infants 1/3 of the recommended serving.

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