Embryonic Plant Extracts – Superior Potency

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We use only Fresh Embryonic Plant Tissue

Nothing compares to the superior potency of Embryonic Plant Extracts (EPEs). What differentiates EPEs from adult plant extracts and manmade nutritional products is that EPEs contain a higher concentration of phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals, including a better ratio of antiinflammatory fatty acids and the world’s most powerful detoxifying agents for the removal of the body’s Toxic Burden. They are the very best nutritional and pharmacological agents provided by nature. Experience them for yourself!


We use only fresh embryonic plant tissues in their infancy stage of growth: bud of leaves, bud of flowers, young shoots, embryonic fruits, embryonic roots, germinating seeds, and internal bark. A single plant can defy the imagination by containing on average over 300 compounds, both with nutritional and medicinal properties. Each plant is a powerhouse reservoir of unrestrained biological activities – some previously known and some still awaiting discovery.



Between Embryonic Plants (EP) vs. Adult Plants (AP)


Only fresh, never dried or frozen plant tissues are combined with organic solvents for maceration. Plants are extracted with Organic Grape alcohol 60% and Organic Vegetable Glycerin from Red Palm Trees, high in tocotrienol Vitamin E.

The tocotrienol helps in the stabilization, for example, anthocyanins prone to oxidation.Grape Alcohol is 100% free of any contaminants, does not contain any toxic metals and is allergen free. On the other hand, adult plant extracts, as well as embryonic plant extracts from other manufacturers, are extracted with only 35% GM0 (grain modified organism) grain alcohol.

We never cut or crush any fresh plant tissue, because this would result in destroying plant enzymes. Our extracts are never adulterated, isolated or diluted. They are macerated for 30 days and then gently pressed to squeeze all of the remaining juices; residual tissues are burnt and their ashes are returned to the extract to preserve their oligo-elements and then filtered. This is known as the spagyric method, which is superior to any other maceration process.

We do all of this to ensure that nothing is lost during the process – it provides a full spectrum bioactive nutritional and pharmacological finished product. In-house and independent toxicological tests are performed on every single batch, which is then allocated a lot number and an expiration date. With precision, this process is repeated to ensure consistency and quality in every drop of our extracts.


Plant Stem Cell Nutrition & Biotherapy

Superior Phytotherapy

Plants are too often underestimated, as though they are just simple culinary herbs.  In fact, each plant has its own story and unique composition of amino acids, antioxidants, biophotons, endophytes, enzymes, essential oils, nucleic acids, oligo-elements, proteins, phytochemicals, phytohormones, plant stem cells (PSC®), peptides, vitamins, and elements. These are all essential nutrients for energy.

Transformative Bioactivities

Because our embryonic plant extracts are macerated immediately upon harvest, all of their energies are conserved, ensuring potency. This process retains all biological activities and ensures dietary supplements that are rich in nutrients and phytochemical concentration with far-reaching health benefits.

Free of Any Contaminants

We offer the safest and most effective EPEs available in the world. As an environmentally-conscious company, we ensure the products are 100% Certified Organic – free of environmental pollutants by repeated toxicology testing done on each maceration. These plants are collected from wild Italian Alps using harvesting practices that never endanger the survival of a plant species. Our products are essential for attaining a state of homeostasis (balance) of all bodily functions. Time-tested and proven effective, we know they are the best dietary supplements Nature has to offer. Many so-called natural dietary supplements are not natural – they are synthetic fabrications with raw materials provided by the pharmaceutical industry. Not listed on their labels are the chemicals used during the isolation: ammonia, sulfuric acid, bi-petroleum products, GMO corn, and many more.


We use only fresh embryonic plant tissues in their infancy stage of growth:  bud of leaves, bud of flowers, young shoots, embryonic fruits, embryonic roots, germinating seeds, and internal bark. A single plant can defy the imagination by containing on average over 300 compounds, both with nutritional and medicinal properties. Each plant is a powerhouse reservoir of unrestrained biological activities – some previously known and some still awaiting discovery.


Detoxify & Restore

Atmospheric and ecological pollution are facts of life in today’s world. EPEs are the most effective natural detoxifying agents. Medicinal Embryonic Phytotherapy (MEP™) cleans the intoxicated cells leaving unscathed healthy cells never removing necessary nutrients from the body the way other detoxification methods do (e.g., Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)). Restore better health Nature’s way with MEP™. Embryonic plant extracts (EPEs) Benefits

Antiaging &

Embryonic Plant Extracts (EPEs) are an exclusive source of both Embryonic Plant Stem Cells PSC®  and Juvenile Phytohormones: rejuvenators of dying cells and DNA repair, as well as antiaging by inducing autophagy and  optimizing somatic cells fitness, in addition to regulate human steroidal (and other hormone) dysfunction.  They are unique in their abilities for cell renewal; each new cell is identical to the original and, depending on the environment it encounters, become specialized into what is required. Understanding cell renewal is essential to modulate tissue regeneration and repair. By supporting cellular turnover, they can revitalize your body from the inside out. They are the expert antisenescence (antiaging) agents!

Toxic Defenders

EPEs are the most effective detoxifying agents for the removal of the body burden, accumulated toxins, and plant-specific toxic metals. They are selective chelators while leaving unscathed essential minerals. Those EPEs that contain biophotons also provide much-needed light to dark, toxic cells to help release the toxins to which we are exposed, as well as those we have deliberately chosen. These biophotons also restore the energy in the electron walls of our cells, protecting us from pathogen invasion.

For eighty years now, man has been targeting health issues with isolated compounds and solo targets and where has it gotten us? Nowhere! Whether from a synthetic or semi-synthetic natural chemical compound, or from a complete laboratory fabrication – the source does not make any difference because they are all inferior. There can only be one worthy health goal: addressing all chemical imbalances while targeting homeostasis (equilibrium). Why is man refusing to change the direction of scientific investigation from the singular target with a single compound approach? The sad explanation is quite simple: money. There are billions of dollars at stake, in terms of costs (expensive research, patent protection, etc.) and profits.

On the other hand, what could be better than using complex plant compositions to address the many chemical imbalances found in the human body today? These imbalances are the result of many exogenous pollutants mimicking all sorts of diseases that are currently being misdiagnosed. Making matters worse are the egotistical and highly opinionated physicians who believe they know everything and are causing such a disservice by not being sufficiently trained in environmental medicine – they are unable to recognize root cause toxicology in the differential diagnosis.

Detoxification should be an integral part of all clinical practice in mainstream medicine. Moreover, detoxification needs to be selective – specific and not so general as to cause more homeostatic (yet another kind of imbalance). Furthermore, the so-called “alternative chelator(s),” i.e. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), that are also non-selective and therefore not the answer. On the other hand, embryonic plant extracts (EPEs), which are free of contaminants as they are both bioactive and selective of specific detoxification compounds, are the answer. EPEs have existed forever and, as part of their evolution and law of natural selection, produce thousands of chemical compounds as part of their uncanny ability for adaptation and survival from the many polluting insults to which we are all contributing. Indeed, it is us humans that are the agents of mass destruction, and it is Nature that is the novel and expert biological drug designer that no man can duplicate or even come close to being able to design such drugs.

In Nature, we find drug designs that defy imagination, like that of an anticoagulant that prevents hemorrhaging at the very same time. If a chemist ever combined an anticoagulant with a hemostatic, they would end up antidoting each other, and thus would be void of any bioactivity. In nature are found many combinations of complex chemical composition that are mind-boggling in their role of modulation (regulatory) activity. However, the same cannot be said for either synthetic drugs or adult plant extracts (APEs), including manmade vitamins.

One more example is the isolated ascorbic acid, which alone has proven void of any real health benefits, whereas a plant containing the Vitamin C-Complex will require just 1/10 of ascorbic acid to give you ten times more benefits than ascorbic acid alone, which you will urinate 90% percent of, absorbing only 10%. This is why Vitamin C-Complex from EPEs is ten times more bioactive than manmade ascorbic acid at a fraction of the milligram concentration.

EPEs also contain Plant Stem Cells (PSCs), which are initially undifferentiated cells prior to entering the human body but once ingested have the uncanny ability to become specialized cells for the required needs of internal environment (milieu) they encounter. This ability is unique to EPEs; it is never observed with APEs or synthetic isolated chemical drugs. Furthermore, EPEs contains all the genetic chemical material from all parts of the future plant’s different tissues in higher concentration than what is found when a plant has reached maturity. There are some phytochemicals that are of course only found in the APEs, but these are often the chemicals you do NOT want. These can include adult phytohormones like ethylene, which causes browning [in humans causing advanced glycation end products (AGEs)], oxidative stress, and the death of a plant, among other things, like the toxins found within the environment with which APE has had the time to interact with, thereby filtering atmospheric as well as ecosystem pollution. These are only a few examples as to why EPEs are a superior herbal product. Even when a developing embryonic plant tissue is growing in a toxic plant, they have yet to interact within the environment until they reach a certain age of maturity, comparable to teenager years or older – otherwise, young embryonic growth would be altered forever and could potentially never reach maturity.