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We have two product lines, one for Health Care Professionals and one for the General Public. Our products are essential for maintaining homeostasis (balance) of all bodily functions.  Time-tested and proven effective, we know they are the best dietary supplements Nature has to offer.  Experience them for yourself!


Embryonic phytotherapy is not a new concept.  Dr. Pol Henry of Brussels first discovered embryonic phytotherapy in 1959 in Belgium. It is based on the use of only embryonic plant tissues from trees and bushes including some geminating seeds. PSC®  Distribution LLC is world renowned for the distribution of quality embryonic plant extracts.  We are continuously researching and developing new protocols and adding new plant species as needed to our product line.

Our products:

• Are 100% certified organic (raw fresh plant tissues harvested from the wild, plant adult plants – whereas different parts of adult plants have different actions, here you have the total possible compositions and actions of an adult plant in its entirety.

• Are harvested as far away possible from pollution in the Apennine Mountains and Italian Alps during spring time only.

• Are macerated immediately following harvest to conserve all of their energies and potency, which ensures that all phytochemicals and biological activities are preserved and bioactive to achieve full potential human health benefits.

• Are macerated in 60% Organic Grape alcohol with Vegetable Glycerin from Red Palm Trees, which helps in the solvency and stabilization of the extraction. Unlike alcohol derived from corn, grape alcohol is 100% allergen free, making these extracts 100% bio-absorbable, and 100% non-toxic.

• Have a shelf life of five years.

• Are proven by repeated research studies to be Mother Nature’s best detoxifying and rejuvenating agents.

• Have higher concentrations of phytochemicals present in nanoparticle size, better for osmosis into the nucleus of cells and tissues.


All of our products are extracted using the spagyric method. “Spagyric” originates from the Greek words “spaein” (divide) and “agarein” (unite). Division and unification represent the basis of the spagyric processing method.

Spagyric plant tinctures are those to which the ash of the calcined plant has been added. The original rationale behind these special herbal tinctures seems to have been that an extract using alcohol could not be expected to contain all the medicinal properties from a living plant. Therefore, the ash or mineral component (as a result of the calcination process) of the calcined plant was prepared separately and then added back to ‘augment’ the finished alcoholic tincture.

The word “spagyric” refers to the separation, purification, and recombination process during which an essence is produced. During manufacture, any dangerous components are entirely eliminated. Spagyric essences are totally harmless, with no known side effects and do not interfere with any other treatments that the patient might be taking simultaneously.


The process was actually developed in the 15th century by Paracelsus, who was considered a physician and was ahead of his time. He was an innovator, and, some of the methods he brought forth are still in use today, centuries after his death. Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, took some of his information from Paracelsus. The information he wrote about the spagyric process is very incomplete. Today, Forza Vitale (Vital Force) laboratory in Italy has perfected this process.

Why is the spagyric process superior to other methods of extraction? Other extraction processes make a percolation, like a tea, and then the plant residual raw plant material is thrown away. It is now well known that this plant left over raw material contains numerous quantities of medicinal and nutritional properties, including glycosides, that have many biological activities, and trace minerals (oligo-elements) that are locked up in the matrix, the cellulite, and cannot be fully released via water, glycerin, or alcohol extraction alone in sufficient amounts, and are therefore lost in other methods of extractions.

Depending on the botanical specie, the plant is put through multiple extractions:

• First is the 60% Organic Grape alcohol, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, and water naturally contained in the fresh embryonic tissue (in the right order for that specific plant).

• The residual raw fiber material is put through a process that liquefies it.

• At this point, the trace minerals and trapped glycosides have been released from the cellulose matrix. These minerals and glycosides are very important because most botanicals and herbals work primarily by their ability to provide large amounts of trace minerals.

The plant, in actuality, has been completely liquefied; nothing of the plant is thrown away as in other methods. Mineral salts and oligo-elements (inorganic chemistry) components of the organism represent between 4-5% of the human body weight, so keeping these intact is crucial.


The potentiating method used to concentrate embryonic plant extracts (EPE) sometimes referred to as “plant alchemy,” is modeled after the Spagyric method, but is based on ancient bio-energetic principles. Paracelsus was perhaps the most noted practitioner of this methodology in the 16th century. Because we are using the finest botanicals on the planet, from the highest concentration of life energy, it is only fair to use the only method of extraction designed to delivery all of the plant’s nutritional properties.

Spagyric herbal method of extraction is dramatically different from other conventional extraction methods. After one month of maceration the residual leftover raw materials are burnt, and their ashes are returned to the remaining extraction to provide all of its oligo-elements.

Because of the intricacies of the steps involved and the cycles we adhere to, it takes weeks to macerate a single plant extract. This is the only method of herbal maceration that insures that all plants chemical constituents and trace elements are present. The finished product is a full potency, maximum performance, fast-acting liquid formula. The end result provides synergy of the “whole” plant.


The composition of embryonic plant extracts includes more than just plant stem cells – it contains all of the “Genetic Information Chemical Constituents” from every tissue part of the whole plant. Nature’s very own nanotechnology in micromolar size in higher concentration (ultramolecular) capable of better osmosis into the nucleus of the cell.