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Within medicine, two types of pharmacology exist: synthetic and natural. However, human chemists cannot even begin to compete with Nature’s chemistry. We know from decades of experience that single embryonic plant extracts (EPEs) are the most effective biological tools to meet all of your nutritional and pharmacological needs.

Practitioners who use our EPEs are able to formulate novel custom-made Biotherapeutic programs for their clients. They know that these EPEs are the most effective detoxification and regenerative agents and the answer to the lack of phytochemical concentration in adult plant extracts.

PSC® is dedicated to continuously researching embryonic phytochemistry and its vast pharmacological, therapeutic, and nutritional health benefits. We will continue to provide you with the most up-to-date information about Nature’s rich pharmacophore.

Where Nature and Science meet! Science-Based Medicinal Herbs

Repeated HPLC gas and liquid chromatography have shown that embryonic plant extracts (EPE) are nutritionally superior to adult plant extracts because they contain more of everything: amino acids, antioxidants, biophotons, endophytes, enzymes, essential oils, nucleic acids, oligo-elements, peptides, phytochemicals, plant stem cells, proteins and vitamins.  They are rich in antiaging phytochemicals, such as embryonic plant stem cells (PSC), juvenile phytohormones,  catalase – the most effective antiaging enzyme, nucleic acids for DNA and RNA repair, kaempferol, and resveratrol, to name just a few.

EPEs are pharmacologically superior being expert hormonal regulators and cytokine immune modulators; they also are the best agents for increasing the detoxification capacity by stimulating the three major detoxification and antioxidative enzymes: catalase (CAT), glutathione peroxidase (GPx) and superoxidase dismutase (SOD).

Elevate your Prescriptions with Medicinal Herbal Extracts

Making a decision regarding which herbal products are best and you can trust is not an easy task. In the last few years, many herbal products have come under attack – not only for containing toxic metals, but also for not containing any appreciable amounts of active phytochemicals. In fact, some herbal products have been found to not even have the DNA of the specific plant in the extract (Filipiak-Szok et al., 2014; Sasidharan et al., 2011). And as if that wasn’t already enough to cause tremendous concern, there now exist so-called natural herbal extracts, made with a solvent such as GMO grain (corn) alcohol, whose risk of DNA damage far outweighs any potential benefits.

In addition, there are now many more allergies being reported to corn grain alcohol source, and residual antibiotics and pesticides are found in non-organic GMO corn. In an effort to keep the costs down, many manufacturers of herbal extracts use corn grain alcohol over the more expensive Organic Grape alcohol, which cost three times as much.  The percentage of alcohol is also an important factor, since 35% alcohol will never dissolve some of the phytochemicals present in a plant, making these extracts less bioabsorbable.

No other manufacturer of embryonic plant extracts uses 100% organic grape alcohol at a 60% concentration, as we do at PSC ® .  As a result, all other products are inferior – it’s just that simple.


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