by Dr. Marie Gabrielle A. Laguna © 2015

What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are but the key cells in the human body. When we were babies inside our mother’s womb, or “embryos”, we are but a clump of stem cells. These cells, which come from our mother’s egg and our father’s sperm in union, will soon give rise to the numerous organs and systems in our body. Thus, we may also call these cells as our “Parent Cells”

What about Plant Stem Cells? What are they?

Plants come from seeds. When you plant a seed in the soil, the moisture, the air and the minerals found in the soil will cause the growth of the baby plant. The baby plant is seen as a tiny shoot with very delicate, small roots. Within this baby plant are many stem cells. Some of these cells in the baby plant will further develop into leaves; some into roots and some into the stem.

Plant Stem Cells can also be found in buds. Take for instance, a rose plant. A rose plant soon grows and some of its branches will produce buds. These cells are the ones which produce these buds. Plant Stem Cells are just present in a plant throughout its entire life because these cells further give rise to new leaves, new buds and new roots.

When did the study of Plant Stem cells start?

It started in Ancient Egypt, when people began to use buds, young shoots and rootlets to heal common illnesses such as stomachaches, colds, constipation, wounds and other illnesses

How are Plant Stem Cells produced? How can we be sure that these types of cells are “good” cells and not “bad” cells-the ones which are stunted, wrinkled or shriveled?

Believe me, this has been a question before in the quest of scientists for make plant stem cell extracts. But after years of study, finally, there is a remarkable discovery which had enabled us to isolate and grow good plant stem cells.

In 2005 some scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Developmental Biology have discovered the way plants create stem cells. The creation of these cells is being regulated by a growth-enhancing hormone and a regulatory protein, which controls the number of cells the plant produces.

Now, we know that haste makes waste. If there are abnormalities associated with the secretion of the plant hormone and the expression of this certain plant protein, there will be a mass production of stems cells-which are defective. This is known as “cancer”-in plants.

Plant Stem Cells were produced with tender loving care. They were picked from choice plants with good growth. These plants are being grown and taken cared and their high quality stem cells harvested later on-to produce a near-perfect solution which detoxifies and renews.

What are the Effects of Plant Stem Cell Extracts to us?

Plant Stem Cells detoxify us, frees us from the free radicals and oxidants which causes the body to age, thus we are renewed and rejuvenated.

But how to they do this? Plant Stem Cells contain the plant hormones auxin and gibberellin. Studies have shown that auxins and gibberellins are NOT present in the adult plants; they are only found in these types of cells. This means to say that the presence of two hormones IS THE REASONS WHY a young plant DOES NOT contain those age-spots and the wrinkled, worn-out texture. Auxins are gibberellins are the reasons why buds are fresh; this is why scientists claim that if we take more of these plant hormones, we will also delay the signs of aging such as wrinkle formation, sagging muscles, aching joints, osteoporosis and hormonal imbalances. We will feel renewed, just like the buds and young plants.

PLUS, these types of cells contain vitamins, minerals and growth hormones, which are needed by the growing body. These substances are ESSENTIAL to plant growth, thus they are also ESSENTIAL to human growth-without the side effects.

Why do we need to detoxify?

Everyday, we encounter many stresses which are harmful to the body. When we wake up, we breathe air which is polluted, coming from factories, vehicles and dirt roads. The coffee that we take in contains caffeine, which in large amounts, is toxic to the heart. We smoke cigarettes which make our lungs fail later on. The cosmetics that we use are full of chemicals, making our skin dry and devoid of natural nutrients and minerals to make it more firm and supple. We eat food rich in preservatives, seasonings, fat and salt. We lack sleep; and sleep makes the body weak, so that it feels too weak to perform its own functions like cleansing up and getting rid of toxins. We are constantly being exposed to toxic substances-and these make our body age, by filling up or cells with free radicals and oxidants.

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